Two Ants® Product Overview!

A quick video showcase of some of the Two Ants® gear showing what each model has and does.

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Worker Compact Chest Holster

Pharaoh Versatile Chest Holster

Trap Jaw Enclosed Chest Holster

Ghost Side Holsters

Belt & MOLLE Holster

Honeypot Lanyards

Shoulder Pad


Worker Chest Holster

Compact and Lightweight

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Pharaoh Chest Holster

Versatile to Carry Your Stuff

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Trap Jaw Chest Holster

Enclosed Protective Pouch

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Ghost Side Holster

Comfortable and Out of the way

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Honeypot Lanyard & Holster

Throw it over your shoulder and go!

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Carpenter Belt & MOLLE Dual Holster

Fit 2 phones, a phone and a radio, or even just a phone or radio with your bits & pieces in the pocket.
Hang it off your belt with adjustable thicknesses from 25mm to 75mm, or attach it to a MOLLE pack.
This little beauty does it all.

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Two Ants® Shoulder Pad

If you want more comfort while wearing your holster, we've got you covered with the Two Ants® shoulder pad.
The majority of people who use a Two Ants® holster find them comfortable to wear with the wide shoulder straps, but some people are a bit more sensitive either from an injury or just want the most comfort possible, so Two Ants® designed a shoulder pad that can be attached to any of their chest or side holsters with ease.

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