Two Ants Atta Double Right Black - Adjustable Two Way Radio Phone Chest Holster with Zipper Pocket

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The Two Ants Atta Double Chest Rig is the ultimate carry it all chest harness for those that want to carry all their communications equipment neatly and securely on their chest.

Tested and proven in all types of environments by Emergency Services Crew, Rural Fire Brigades, SES and many others that need to carry multiple devices at once.

The adjustable device kits suit all types of radios, phones, GPS, dog trainers, dog trackers and many other types of devices. If you need to carry large equipment such as the Motorola APX (Green Emergency Services radio), just upgrade the device kits to the Universal Heavy Duty device kits and you're sorted.

Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably on the chest and on a defined angle to keep the radio antennas out of your face. The slant also allows the user to press the buttons on the devices with ease.

This Atta comes with a large zippered pocket that covers the entire base of the holster and a front open pocket to hold the radio curly cords, pens, notepads and equipment of all types.

This holster is worn over the Right Shoulder and comes in Black.


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