Two Ants Pharaoh Left Black - Adjustable Two Way Radio Phone Chest Holster with Zipper Pocket

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An adjustable chest holster for handheld devices such as UHF, VHF and Digital Two Way Radios, Mobile Phones, Dog trainers and trackers.

The Two Ants Pharaoh is the most popular and versatile holster in the Two Ants holster range with a super comfy large 50mm adjustable shoulder strap that sports microphone hangers and heavy duty elastic waist straps to fit up to a 5XL shirt size.

The holster comes with a zippered pocket that extends the entire size of the holster base and a pocket on the front behind the device holder for hiding the curly cord of a remote speaker microphone or even pens and notepads.

The holster is meticulously designed with the device on an angle so the antennas don't stick into your face and for ease of natural arm span across the chest to press the device buttons and accessing the zipper.

This holster is worn over the left shoulder and comes in black.


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