Agquip Field Days

We're going to be at AgQuip which is held in Gunnedah, NSW on Tuesday 21st through to Thursday 23rd August 2018.

Bring your comms devices such as UHF radios, Phones, Commercial radios, GPS trackers, Dog trainers and whatever other communications device you have that you want to be held tight so we can show you how well your device is held. You can even try on the holsters to get a feel for their comfort.

We constantly get told by our customers that they drop or lose their devices, some lose them off their belts, some drop them out of their top pockets when they lean over and guess where they drop them. It's always somewhere damaging like water troughs, into fires, under cattle in cattle yards or into dams. Others drop them when riding horses or motorbikes and don't notice until down the track or across the paddock and then spend hours looking for it while someone else is talking on the other end hoping they can hear it before the battery runs out. Some even put their radios in their top pocket and screw the antenna on through their pocket pen hole. This is definitely the best initiative we've seen and heard but why bother when you can easily throw on a holster and secure everything with a single click of a buckle. A Two Ants® radio holster is affordable and definitely cheap insurance for your device.

With a Two Ants® holster designed and sold by Holster Shop, you can be sure that your device is secure and always with you.

Yes that's right, designed by Todd, modelled by Vanessa, and tested in harsh environments by people of all walks of life throughout the world. We back our products and maintain a no-hassle warranty if anything was to fail.

So come and say hi to Todd and Vanessa who will be more than happy to show you the full range of Two Ants® holsters and how they will suit your devices.

Happy Holstering and we hope to see you there!