Two Ants Ghost Double - Two Way Radio Phone Side Holster with Zipper Pockets

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Quick Overview

The Two Ants Ghost Double Holster is designed to be worn on your side for those that don't like the chest style holsters. The design is super comfortable to wear and can be worn under jackets to be out of sight.

With remote speaker/microphone hangers on each shoulder strap, the radios can be used with ease, and even with security style ear plug speakers they can be plugged into the microphone that sits neatly on the shoulder.

The device kits are fully adjustable and the holster has a zippered pocket the size of the holster base. There is also an open top pocket behind the radio for pens and notepads or small tools. Each holster has a belt loop and tough suspender style clip for attaching the bottom of the holster to your pants which stops it swaying around in demanding environments.

For those that prefer the holster to sit further on the front, we designed an optional detachable waist strap that pulls the radios closer together. This was asked for and designed for fire fighters that need to run a hose under their arm. Check it out in our accessories pages.


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